Roast Chicken in a Airfryer

All you need is –

A Chicken


1 Tbspn Oil

Vegetables of your choice

Firstly pre-heat your Airfryer to 200 for 5-10 mins (you will know when its heated, the light will turn off)…

Put your potatoes into a bowl with the oil and stir them around til the potatoes have a coat of oil…


Now place your chicken into the Airfryer along with your potatoes…
***NOTE*** If your chicken is a touching the element, place some foil over the top of it, to stop it from burning/sticking 😉

Leave it at 200 and cook for 45 mins…

Whilst the chicken and potatoes are roasting, put your vegetables on to cook so everything is ready at once 🙂

Once your chicken is cooked take it out and serve it alongside the potatoes and your vegetables and ENJOY!!!

Yes it is as simple as that…When you use an Airfryer you use near on NO OIL and you don’t need to baste or turn your food, you can just sit back and wait for your delicious meal to be cooked!!!


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