Easy and Simple Steak Tacos!!!

What you need is –

1kg Skirting Steak

Diced Onion

Taco Seasoning



Shredded Cheese

Taco Shells

Taco Sauce

Sour Cream

Place the Skirting Steak in your slow cooker or pot with the diced onion and taco seasoning…Then put in enough water so it is covering the meat and stir, so the taco seasoning is mixed with the water 🙂


If using a slow cooker, put it on high for 5 hours…

If using a pot on the stove, bring to a simmer and leave it for 5 hours…

***NOTE*** Check it every hour to make sure that there is enough water in the pot/slow cooker to keep the steak covered…Just add some more water if there isn’t enough water is in there!!!!

10-15 mins before the cooking time is up, prepare your Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese and Tacos 🙂

Ok now remove the Steak from your pot/slow cooker and place in a bowl…


Using a pair of Tongs and a fork, shred the meat by holding it in place with the Tongs and scraping it with the fork…



Now you have everything ready to make some delicious tacos!!!

Place your Meat, Sauce, Sour Cream, Cheese, Tomato and Lettuce in your Taco shells and ENJOY!!!




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