Chocano – The Chocolate Volcano

What you will need is –

2 Blocks of White Chocolate
1 Block of Milk Chocolate
1 Block of Dark Chocolate
10 Pieces of Choc Honeycomb
A Punnet of Strawberries
Whipped Cream

Chocolate Moulds
Chocolate Basket Mould

First you need to make up some chocolate pieces with your moulds, using the different chocolate types…Put aside any melted choc you have left over, cause you will use that aswell 🙂
I made these 1’s by simply drizzling some milk choc into the mould and then using Dark chocolate, but you can do it however you like 😉
While they are setting cut some Strawberries into quarters and crush up the Honeycomb (I crush up the honeycomb in sandwich bags, so it doesn’t make mess and also I can store it for another time…

Now the Chocolate has set, you can start putting it together, there is no particular way to do this…
Place your Chocolate basket on a plate and put some of the strawberry bits in there along with the crushed honeycomb…Drizzle some of the melted Chocolate you have left over, over it and then place the chocolates you made over it and around the edges…
Place some Strawberries and some more honeycomb around the outside of it too 🙂
Drizzle some MORE melted chocolate over it!!!

Now you have done the main decorating, pour the custard over the top, til you have a moat around the Chocolate Basket…
And for the very last thing, put some whipped cream on top!!!

Now enjoy this sickly delight 🙂


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