Bulbs in a Vase

All you need is –

Clear Glass Vase
Bulb of your Choice
Glass Pebbles

Fill you glass vase 1/3 with your Glass Pebbles – any glass pebbles will do it is so you can see the roots growing…
Place your Bulb the right way up on top of the pebbles – the right way is with the pointy part pointing towards the ceiling 😉
Now place some more pebbles around the bulb to hold it in place…
Pour some water in the bottom of the vase, but only til its slightly touching the bulb if not at all!!!

Place on a window sill or where it gets ventilation and natural light 🙂 If it isn’t in a ventilated area the bulb will go mouldy!!!

Now it’s time to have some patience…Mine took 3 weeks to sprout and then they didn’t stop growing!!!
Keep an eye on the water level because water will evaporate, so try and keep the water level the same…


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