Wooden Cat for your garden

I saw these in Bunnings except they were metal and I decided I could make them at home out of wood, So I did…They are to scare away pests that vandalise your garden and eat your vegetables and fruit πŸ˜‰

What you will need is –

Some plywood or something of the kind
A Jigsaw
Cat Silhouette – Like this (Just search google)
cat silhouette

Small garden stakes
Black Paint – I used Spray paint (its quick and easy – dries fast)
Glass Pebbles and/or Mirror Tiles (I had these already)

Craft Glue/Acrylic Glue

This is quite simple…

Get your wood and trace the silhouette onto it and then cut it out with a Jigsaw…They don’t have to be perfect – remember that whatever you create is always great because YOU DID IT YOURSELF πŸ™‚
Now get the garden stake/s and nail them to the back of your cat/s…Time to paint them…If you are spray painting them, just stick them in the ground and spray them and allow to dry…

Now you have done this…Wait for paint to dry πŸ™‚

Once they are dry lay them down face up and work out where you want the eyes, which are the Glass Pebbles or Mirror tiles…Glue them on and leave them to dry…

Now you have some cat’s that will keep the pesty things away from your garden πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



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