Revamp your Lamp!!!

All you need is –

Silhouette (search google for whatever you like)
Exacta Knife/Stanley Knife or just Scissors
Acrylic Paint – optional

Get your lampshade and make sure it is clean on the surfaces…
If you want to put some paint on it, which is what I did because I wanted the light to be dimmed a bit (I don’t like bright lights) depending on your surface start painting – If it’s a fabric surface which is what mine was, the paint will be hard to work with because it will soak in, so don’t expect it to be a portrait/landscape painting hence why i just dipped the paintbrush in the paint and slicked it on…
Then get your silhouette that you like and cut it out – I used this 1

Silhouette of city

Silhouette of city

Once you have your silhouette cut out and ready to go, line it up on the INSIDE of your lampshade so you know where you are placing it (turn your lamp on if its attached to the shade)…MAKE SURE YOU TURN YOUR LAMP OFF IF ITS ATTACHED TO THE SHADE SO YOU DO’T BURN YOURSELF WHEN DOING THIS – Get your glue and put the glue all around the edges and then stick it in place…

Now flick the switch and you now have a beautiful and 1 of a kind lamp that you created yourself šŸ™‚


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