Creamy Bacon Carbonara

All you need is –

400gms Sliced Bacon (2cm pieces)
Bunch of Spring Onions
6-8 Mushrooms
900ml Thickened Cream
2 Tbspns Minced Garlic (Feel free to add more)
2 whisked eggs
1 Tspn Oil
Parmesan/Tasty cheese
Pasta – Whatever tickles your fancy!!!
Put oil in frypan and heat…Add bacon, mushrooms and garlic, saute for 5 mins on a medium heat…
Add Spring onions and cream, bring to a simmer and then add eggs whilst stirring…
Leave to simmer for 15 mins stirring occasionally…
Now start boiling your water for your pasta 😉 Once your pasta is cooked turn off the frypan and serve with some cheese of your choice on top 😉

You can also add diced chicken to this recipe when you start cooking the bacon!!!




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