Making a Scarecrow

This is so easy even the kids can do it πŸ™‚

What you will need –

2 poles/lengths of wood
Straw/Stuffing/Old Rags (Straw is preferable for stuffing the body of the Scarecrow)
Stuffing/Old Rags
Some Old Clothes
Old Gardening Gloves
Old Hat
A Pillowcase
A Couple of Nails
Scissors/Stanley Knife
Permanent Marker

To get started you need 2 poles/lengths of wood, when you select these keep in mind that 1 is going to be the height and the other the arms length πŸ˜‰
Lay the wood on the ground, now before you nail it together to make life easier get the top/s you will be using and put them on the wood in other words insert the wood into the sleeves and neck hole…Remember to leave some bare wood at the top to attach his head and give his head support!!!
Get your Scarecrows pants and cut a hole in the crutch section and then insert the main piece of wood and slide the pants up til they meet with the top/s…
Now nail the cross together and make sure it is sturdy…
Stuff the clothes with Straw til your happy with your Scarecrow…
Where the hole in the crutch is, put a nail there, through the pants from both sides also do this at the end of the sleeves and at the neck line just to help keep him together…
Now with the rope tie his top to his pants and even the pole, however you do this is your choice (remember this is your creation)…
So now you should have a Headless Scarecrow :p

For making the head I used a pillowcase…
To make it round, I pinned the 2 corners to the middle and sewed it together by hand…NOTE: Do not use the open end of the pillowcase!!!
Stuff the pillowcase with whatever you want to use, I used stuffing and it hasn’t lost shape at all πŸ˜‰ Grab a rubber band to hold it closed…
With the permanent marker you can simply just draw a face onto the pillowcase now its stuffed or you can do what I did –
I found some scrap material for his nose and shaped it in a triangle shape and sewed that on…
I drew his eyes with a permanent marker, or you could use buttons – I just couldn’t find any buttons big enough to suit him πŸ™‚
I lightly drew on his mouth and then sewed in a line, so as to give him an authentic scarecrow smile…

Now you have finished his head, you need to attach it to his body/the pole…

Keeping the rubber band on his head basically shove the head onto the stick and then put a nail or 2 in and tie it on with rope/string and then cut the rubber band off and he now has a head πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Finally put his gloves and hat on and then put him in the ground and give him a name lol!!!

Everyone meet Bob, this is my Scarecrow that I made in just 30 mins!!!


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